The Mobile Tire Shop

Mobile Tire Shop

  • Veteran Owned & Operated!
  • Family Owned Brand!
  • Locally Owned!!!

Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring!
RoadRunners Tires Operates During All Seasons!

RoadRunners Tires is Your Personal Pit Crew!

Do you feel like you don’t have time?
We will keep you on the road longer, less shop visits!

  • Shop Online
  • Less shop visits
  • Mobile Tire Installation & Repair
  • Convenient & Affordable
  • Home/Workplace Visits
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Reclaim Your Time
  • Avoid Shop Upselling
  • Avoid long waits in waiting rooms
  • Avoid long lines
  • Avoid musical cars with friends & family
  • Avoid the struggle of managing children in a waiting room
  • Make your shop visit shorter
  • Multi-task, work or do choirs while we work
  • Enjoy free time, take this opportunity to give back to yourself, stay home while we work!

Save Money & Time!

Your pay is calculated by time. So, Time is Money. You typically spend time driving to and from an auto shop, sitting in the waiting room for a total time of 2-3 hours. If your income is a minimum of $10/per hour, then you just spent $20-$30 of your time trying to fix your vehicle.
If you make more than $10/per hour, then you are losing more.

-Home/Work Visits!
Stay on the road longer!
We’€™ll beat our competitors’€™ price!
-Stay Safe At Home!
Don’€™t get stuck in a waiting room for hours!
Make your living room your waiting room!

No need to risk your life and your vehicle to get to a shop during snowy weather. RoadRunners Tires will Deliver & Install Onsite so you can stay home safe!
Schedule an appointment today!

-No need to call off work!

RoadRunners will Deliver the auto shop to your workplace!
You can stay at work and earn money as your car is being worked on in the parking lot!



My Story

My name is Alexander Randles, President of RoadRunners Tires.

Veteran Owned & Operated. A Family Owned Brand.

After I was Honorably Discharged from the Military and Graduated from College, I managed a Full Auto Shop for a Corporate Company you may know (we shall not name). I saw how badly Corporate Companies were treating their staff and technicians. This reflects how client vehicles are cared for by technicians. I even heard other shops upselling parts that did not need repaired to make sales goals. I knew that I could not change the company’s bad practices so I decided to start my own company.
RoadRunners Tires, The Mobile Tire Shop, Your Personal Pit Crew!
At RoadRunners Tires we understand that there are enough problems in the world to solve, we do not need to create more problems to reach a goal. RoadRunners Tires goal is to Make The World A Better Place!

I have a vision of changing how the automotive world is viewed and practiced. RoadRunners Tires is a Mobile Tire Shop, first of its kind! We will Deliver & Install your automotive needs wherever you are! Home/Workplace Visits!
We believe in complete transparency. Trust and Integrity is our foundation and our key to success!

Your Personal Pit Crew!
Tires, Brakes, Wheels, & Batteries

Delivered & Installed Onsite!

The Mobile Tire Shop

Your Personal Pit Crew

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Hours of operation

8AM - 5PM Mon-Friday
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Emergency Service (During Business Hours Only)

Our Service Area

Summit County
Portage County
Stark County
Medina County

What we Do

New & Used Tires
Roadside Assistance
Flat Tire Repair
Rotate & Balance

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