Car Care Products

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Washing your vehicle is essential. Cleaning your vehicle will prevent contaminates from sticking to your vehicle. These contaminates, if not washed off, can cause corrosion/rust. Check out the products below! These products will help you keep your vehicle squeaky clean!

Armor All - Total Car Care Kit

Armor All

The perfect gift for any car care enthusiast with a variety of products to clean, shine and protect any vehicle.


Meguiar's Inc. - Complete Car Care Kit

Meguiar's Complete Car Care Kit

COMPLETE CAR KIT: Includes 12 premium products to clean, shine  and protect your paint, interior, wheels, bumpers and everything in  between. Takes guesswork out of the equation.


Ergo - Backpack Vacuum Corded 8 Quart HEPA Bag 4 Level Filtration Attachments

Back Pack Vaccum

 For Car Or Home Use -This vacuum is perfect for cleaning vehicles. Strap on your back, plug in, and get to work. I have used this product vacuuming my trucks and cars. It has many attachments to tackle hard to get places. This Vacuum is also very handy around the house. Perfect for pet owners!


VibraWipe - Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, 4 Colors, 8-Pieces

Microfiber towel 8 piece

High adsorbent, lint-free, streak-free!


Huiscu - Water Blade 12" - Super Flexible Silicone Squeegee


For Car Or Home Use - Best For Automotive Or Bathroom Drying!


Chemical Guys - Microfiber Wash Mitt

Microfiber wash mitt

Scratch-free car wash mitt. Soft and absorbent. Durable double stitched elastic cuff. 100% machine washable and dryable.


Chemical Guys - Foam Blaster 6 Foam Wash Gun

Foam wash gun

The ultimate car wash foamer that connects to any garden hose.


Chemical Guys - Heavy Duty Detailing Bucket (4.5 Gal)


Heavy Duty. Fits Grit Guard and Dirt Guard. Fits Gamma Seal. Great for storing products. Compact tapered design.


Plastic Spray Bottles

Spray bottle

Leak Proof, Empty 16 oz. Value Pack of 2 for Chemical and Cleaning Solution. Adjustable Head Sprayer from Fine to Stream.


Best Garden Hose Nozzle

hose nozzle

HIGH PRESSURE TECHNOLOGY - 8 Way Spray Pattern - Jet, Mist, Shower, Flat, Full, Center, Cone, and Angel Water Sprayer Settings - Rear Trigger Design - Steel Chrome Design.


Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash - 1 gallon

car wash soap

Designed to both clean and condition your car in one easy step. Cleans without stripping wax protection. Foams away tough dirt, road grime and contaminants. Contains ultra-rich conditioners to make your paint look its best. Diverse application allows it to be used in a  bucket or in a foam cannon. *Dilute 5:1 when used with a foam cannon.


Meguiars Inc. - Water Magnet Microfiber Drying Towel, 1 Pack

Meguiar's Inc.

Reduce drying time. No streaks. Reusable. Microfiber towel. Protect your vehicles body!


Liquid X - Complete Bucket Kit with Dolly

Bucket coaster

Bucket, Gamma Seal Lid, Grit Guard & Dolly Wash Combo. Perfect to wheel around instead of constantly picking up the bucket!


WeatherTech - Ready-to-Wash Bucket System

Bucket dolly

Made in the USA! - The Ready-to-Wash Bucket System major  components are made right here in the USA. Thumbscrews and the square  nuts are imported. Heavy duty bucket - Rugged 90 mil (.09") thick plastic bucket. MittSaver - Wash mitt holder. GritGrate - Removable insert that allows dirt, stones and other debris to drop to the bottom of the bucket.


Invisible Glass - Glass Cleaner for Auto and Home

glass cleaner

Streak-Free Shine, Deep-Cleaning Foaming Action, Safe for Tinted and Non-Tinted Windows, Ammonia Free Foam Glass Cleaner, 19 oz.


Rain-X - Glass Treatment

Rain x

Glass Treatment- 7 fl oz. 2 pack. Rain-X is the Number 1 Brand in Glass Treatments.