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RoadRunners Tires has a massive selection of tires to choose from. Economy to High Value, RoadRunners Tires has a tire for you.

We carry all the major tire brands like Michelin, BF Goodrich, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Firestone, Toyo, Mastercraft, and the list goes on. Let us know if you have a tire in mind, we can help you find the tire you desire!

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New Tires

Choose the tire style that’s right for you.

Touring Tires:
Touring Tires provide a smooth ride and longer tread life. Touring Tires have excellent traction in wet and dry conditions. Excellent All Season Tires (Except Summer Tires Options).

Performance Tires:
Enhance the handling responsiveness of your vehicle with Performance Tires. Shorter tread life. Excellent tractions in wet and dry conditions. Decent winter traction (Except Summer Tires Options). RoadRunners Tires has the tires that will have you sticking to the road!

All-Terrain Tires:
Designed to tackle the worlds terrain and the ability to switch to road driving. Firmer and louder ride on the roadways compared to Touring Tires. A great tire to give an aggressive look to your Truck / Jeep / SUV!

Mud Tires:
Navigate through rough terrain with confidence! Mud Tires are perfect for off roading your Truck / Jeep / SUV. Louder on roadways. Provides an aggressive look that will grab your attention!

Winter Tires:
RoadRunners Tires has winter tires that will keep you safe in icy, slushy, and wet conditions! Perfect for driving in cold conditions. Not meant for driving outside winter season.

Trailers Tires:
RoadRunners Tires offers trailer tires at the best price. Trailer use only.

Used Tires

We have New & Used Tires for all income levels!

-Used Tires are a great way to save money and to stay on the road safe. Each tire is inspected for safety!

-Do you have a leased vehicle and don’t want to spend money on brand new tires?!?!?
RoadRunners Tires has Used Tires that have good enough tread to pass a turn-in inspection!!! Great for saving money on tires with lease vehicle trade ins!

Roadside Assistance

Flat Repair, Roadside Assistance, Or Tire Replacement Onsite!

RoadRunners Tires can provide Roadside Assistance!

Run out of Fuel, Dead Battery, or Flat Tire on the Highway?

  • Fuel Delivery, Auto Battery Alternator, & Starter Testing! Jumpstart!
  • Auto Battery Delivered & Installed Onsite!
  • RoadRunners Tires can repair your tire onsite so you don’t have to continue driving on it and damage the tire beyond repair. Not Repairable, No Worries! RoadRunners Tires Will Deliver & Install A New Or Used Tire Onsite!

Check the air pressure in your tires when temperatures drop!
When temperatures drop, so will the pressure in your tires!
Fill your tires up, if your tire continues to leak, then Give us a call!

RoadRunners Tires can repair your tires!

Tire Rotation & 4 Wheel Balance

We know how to get the most out of your tires!

We recommend a Tire Rotation & 4 Wheel Balance Every 6 Months.

Tire Rotations will alternate a tires time on the drive axles to prevent premature wear. This will give your tires a break from being worn down. Example: The rear tires on a rear wheel drive vehicle wear faster than the front tires. So, rotating the rear tires to the front will give the rear tires a break from the drive axles.

Tire Balancing is done to prevent irregular wear & vibrations. Tires are not perfect in weight distribution around a wheel so wheel weights are installed on the wheel to counter balance the imperfect weight distribution. Tires wear down and the weight distribution around the wheel will change over time so Balancing your tires when getting your tires rotated is recommended.

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